nicCU Be Wise Youth

nicCU Be Wise - Youth Club

We want to ‘CU Be Wise by spending, saving, and sharing responsibly.

Free Events, Prizes, Fun Quarterly Challenges

NICCU youth club is available to everyone age 0 through 17. No matter the age, we strive to interact with and educate youth on the importance of financial responsibility with an emphasis on spending, saving, community and awareness. Learning about financial responsibility at a young age can set you up for a successful future, not only financially but in all aspects of life, including community involvement and giving back!


• Free Activities: Roller City, movies, pool party, etc.

• For each $5 deposited, you will receive a token* to earn prizes out of the tree house *Limit 10 tokens per day

• Opportunities for classroom/group presentations on topics such as checking, saving, credit scores, loans, budgeting, etc.

• Ask us about Certificates of Deposit (CD's) that can be opened in your child's name for a short or long term savings at a higher interest rate.

•Debit card/Fresh Start Debit accounts available

• Quarterly mailers for education, challenges or upcoming events

• And More!


You’re never too young to Be Wise about money and finances. We challenge members to engage with us to help you grow in 4 ways:






Youth 12 and under need a parent, grandparent or guardian as a joint member on the account. Youth savings accounts require a $5 deposit at the time of opening and it must stay in the account to keep the membership (this membership deposit minimum will increase to $25 when the child turns 16). The child’s social security card (and parent’s identification) is all you need to open the account.

Celebrate Youth Month with us in April!

Hop into Youth Month - Hop into Youth Month on Saturday, April 8th from 10-noon at Hoppy Go Lucky. (Kids club members only- Please RSVP to the Credit Union).

Be Wise Savings Challenge - Throughout the month of April we will see just how ‘wise’ our youth can be by seeing how many youth savings deposits can be made! You will get a NICCU piggy bank WITH A DOLLAR COIN INSIDE (limit one per member) if you make a deposit! Keep up with our savings progress by checking our website and Facebook page!

Youth Community Challenge -At NICCU we pride ourselves in being involved and giving back in our community. What better way to get our youth involved then having a  community give-back challenge?! Youth of all ages are encouraged to participate by taking a photo with a description or sending a video to us answering the following question:

"If you had an extra $20, how would you use it to help in  your community?"

Please submit your photo/video by sending an email to by Sunday, April 30th. We will choose 4 winners who will receive $25 each ($5 deposited into their savings account and $20 to carry out their idea)! We can’t wait to see what you come up with!