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Debit Cards

Free Checking Debit Card

Free checking means just that… FREE!! No deposit required, NO minimum balance to have this checking account. You will be happy that there are also NO monthly fees. This account includes a free Mastercard Debit Card with no monthly or annual fee, as well as no fee to use it at the ATM or for Purchases.*** Use it as much as you want, no extra fees!

Fresh Start Debit Card

Have you been turned down for a checking account due to past credit issues? Are you paying someone to cash your check? North Iowa Community Credit Union is happy to offer you a solution! Our Fresh Start Debit Account has no minimum balance required. All you have to do is maintain a positive balance. Checks will NOT be available on this account, however you will recieve a FREE debit card and will be able to utilize ACH withdrawals to pay bills. There is a small $8.00 (+ tax) monthly fee, but this is much less than purchasing money orders and paying check cashing fees. No overdrafts will be allowed but by not having checks you limit your ability to overdraw, helping to make your new checking account a success!!

Premium Checking & Debit Card

It takes only $250 to get started with a premium checking account. This account has a $250 minimum balance, but if you do happen to fall below that there is only a $5 (+ tax) fee for that month you were below, ages 18-62. As long as you keep your balance above $250, you will earn interest at the posted rate. Plus, you can get a Mastercard Debit Card with no monthly or annual fees, as well as no fee to use it at the ATM or for Purchases.*** Use it as much as you want, no extra fees!

Lost/stolen debit cards

If your card is lost or stolen you may call (800) 472-3272 (after hours number) or our office (641) 424-2281 during lobby hours.

FREE ATMs within network!

Our Privileged Status Program offers thousands of FREE ATM locations nationwide! Look for the logo at participating ATMs. ATM Privileged Status

Search for a Privileged Status location (Thousands of Free ATMs)

Shared Branching

Feel right at home when you visit participating credit unions in all 50 states For easy access to your money wherever you go. Over 5,000 SCo-Op Shared Branchhared Branches including those near popular vacation spots, universities, and almost anywhere. Look for the Co-op Shared Branch logo for partnering Credit Unions. We are the ONLY north Iowa credit union part of this shared branching network!

To find a Shared Branching location, click HERE.


Fraud Protection

Our system monitors every transaction done on your card. If anything out of the ordinary occurs, or if the transactions match established fraud patterns that have been reported to MasterCard, our fraud division will try to contact you. We want to make sure every transaction on your account is legitimate, and stop any potential fraud immediately. In order to keep your account safe, we have a response center open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. If our fraud monitoring service contacts you to verify suspicious transactions, their valid callback number is (866) 750-9107 or (800) 262-2024. Please be advised that our representatives will never ask you for your PIN number, or your full card number. If you have any questions about the validity of a call, please contact our office directly at (641) 424-2281.

More Info about Debit Cards

Debit cards are also known as check cards. Debit cards look like credit cards or ATM (automated teller machine) cards, but operate like cash or a personal check. Debit cards are different from credit cards. While a credit card is a way to “pay later,” a debit card is a way to “pay now.” When you use a debit card, your money is quickly deducted from your checking or savings account.

Debit cards are accepted at many locations, including grocery stores, retail stores, gasoline stations, and restaurants. You can use your card anywhere merchants display your card’s brand name or logo. (For example, MasterCard or Visa.) They offer an alternative to carrying a checkbook or cash.

What is “debit”? Debit means subtract. When you use a debit card, you are subtracting your money from your own credit union account. It is a quick transaction between the merchant and your personal bank account.

What you should know about debit cards:


  • Using a debit card frees you from carrying cash or a checkbook.
  • Using a debit card means you no longer have to stock up on cash when you travel.
  • Debit cards may be more readily accepted by merchants than checks, especially in other states wherever your card brand is accepted.
  • The debit card is a quick, “pay now” product, giving you no grace period.

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